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Application for the 2023-2024 Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy

Opening date: September 15, 2023 at 10:00AM Closing date: January 19, 2024 at Midnight

The fee amount for Maintenance of Certification is $495, and will be paid up front to eligible NBCTs.

You will need to pay the $75 registration fee, but DO NOT PAY the $495 fee. If you are approved for the subsidy, this fee will be paid to NBPTS for you.

This is an exciting time as the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and legislators continue to support National Board Certification. Thanks to the hard work of many NBCTs, National Board Certification in Illinois has been fortunate to have continued funding allocated for candidate fees for the past ten years. With the budget issues in Illinois as they are, this gesture demonstrates respect for the National Board Certification process and for the over 6,000 NBCTs in Illinois.

If you are eligible to renew your National Board Certification, it is time to begin the NBCT Maintenance of Certification process. By renewing your certification, you can demonstrate that your professional practice remains consistent with the high and rigorous standards for your subject area. Read about Maintenance of National Board Certification, the process, application, MOC calendar, and more.

To qualify for the Illinois NB MOC Candidate Fee Subsidy:

  • You must be eligible to renew your National Board Certification--NBCTs expiring in 2024 and 2025. Go to NBPTS Eligibility and Timing site and click on the link to the MOC Calendar at the bottom of the page (last bullet point).
  • You must complete the National Board (NB) registration for NB Maintenance of Certification and pay the $75 registration fee directly to NB through your NB Account by the January 26, 2024 deadline.
  • You must compile, complete and submit a Profile of Professional Growth (PPG) to NB by the NBPTS submission deadline (check with them for submission deadline).
  • Your Illinois teaching license must be current and unencumbered (e.g. not suspended or revoked).
  • You must hold a valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL).
  • You must hold a valid Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN).
  • MOC candidates who are not actively teaching but plan to establish a relationship and work with students of a colleague in order to complete MOC must meet the Illinois teaching licensure requirements.
  • You must be employed as a full-time teacher and/or administrator in an Illinois Public School.
  • You must complete the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy online application no later than January 19, 2024 by midnight.

Read ALL details below regarding the application for the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy. A recording and PDF of the MOC-Jumpstart Webinar can be found here: Webinar Recording and Jumpstart Presentation.

For assistance regarding MOC Subsidy issues please contact Due to the large number of email generated, please allow 5-7 business days for a response.

For specific questions regarding the MOC process, please see the NBPTS MOC website or contact NBPTS.

Important Dates

Step 1:

Complete the Practice Application BEFORE proceeding to the online application for the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy application. Links are provided to information within this document and will make it easier to complete the online application.

Note: Do not send the practice application to the NBRC.

Step 2:

Coming soon

Complete the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy online application.

Note: It is best to use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari. DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

Step 3:

Coming soon

Check for your name on the MOC Eligible List. The names of the MOC candidates who have applied to receive the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy and are eligible for the funding (based on completion of requirements) will be posted to the ELIGIBLE LIST. Names of applicants will be posted on the NBRC website weekly until the application closes (excluding holidays).

Being marked as ELIGIBLE only means that you have completed the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification Fee Subsidy application and all of your information is accurate.

Step 4:[NEW INSTRUCTIONS as of 9/23/22]

Coming soon

In order to be marked as APPROVED for the subsidy, you must complete BOTH steps A and B listed below via your NBPTS profile.

  1. Register: Complete the National Board registration and pay the $75 registration fee using the NBPTS MY PROFILE system. Instructions for registering and paying the registration fee can be found starting on page 13 of the MOC Guide.
  2. Select your component(s): After you register and pay the registration fee, you need to select your MOC component(s) by clicking on the "complete your application" button and make it to the check-out page, but DO NOT check-out. Again, DO NOT PAY the $495 fee up front. If you are approved for the subsidy, this fee will be paid to NBPTS for you.

Release information to third-party agencies: There is a question in your NBPTS profile that asks the following: “Do you elect to have your name release to third-party agencies that may provide incentives, support and rewards for teachers seeking National Board Certification. This election is necessary if you wish to request funding from a third party.” You must answer YES to this question, or you will not appear in the reports we use to determine eligibility/approval for the subsidy. If you have trouble with this step or are unable to make changes, please contact NBPTS directly.

Once you have completed the instructions above and we can confirm this on our end via your status in the MOC Eligible Not Purchased report we use to verify eligibility/approval for the subsidy, a date will be marked next to your name in the APPROVED column on the MOC Eligible list indicating you are APPROVED for the MOC Subsidy.

Applying third party funds: Subsidy payments are paid directly to NBPTS, not to individual candidates. We will notify candidates once NBRC has sent your subsidy payment to NBPTS. After that, you will need to take additional action to apply the subsidy payment to your account. Please read these Instructions for Applying for Third Party Funds from NBPTS (make sure you are paying attention to the MOC instructions, not the instructions for initial certification). NBPTS also provides this Third-Party Payer Funding FAQs for Candidates. If you have additional questions about this process, please contact NBPTS directly.

Step 5:

Coming soon

Submit your completed Profile of Professional Growth (PPG) to NBPTS by the NBPTS deadline (actual date determined by NBPTS).