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About NBRC

The National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Illinois State University was established in 1999 as one of five national centers by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). The NBRC shares resources nationally and has been a leader in building the Illinois program. The NBRC is dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to the outstanding teaching provided by NBCTs.

The only resource center in the Midwest, the NBRC has built the capacity of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in growing the number of NBCTs in all regions of Illinois, as well as providing resources and information about the impact of NBCTs on student learning and aligning programs to the National Board’s Standards for accomplished teaching. The NBRC has worked in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education since 2002 to ensure that all Illinois educators have access to information, professional development, and support regarding National Board Certification.

While the NBRC is one of the leading voices for National Board Certification in Illinois, it has also gained a national reputation for excellence in providing services to teachers seeking National Board Certification. Educators all across the country access the NBRC website for high-quality training materials and information to develop their own local programs.

Our Mission

The National Board Resource Center supports diverse educators seeking National Board Certification, builds the capacity of National Board Certified Teachers to improve teaching and student learning through mentoring and facilitating professional development, and partners with educational stakeholders to elevate the teaching profession.

Our Vision

The National Board Resource Center is working to ensure:

  • Every teacher in Illinois is on a path to accomplished teaching by becoming National Board Certified. Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher is a career continuum for teachers. It starts in pre-service teacher preparation, leading aspiring teachers to pursue and achieve National Board Certification. The continuum culminates in meaningful teacher leadership roles for those who wish to seek them.
  • Every educational stakeholder in Illinois understands the value of the reflective professional development process that the journey to National Board Certification provides teachers. All schools recognize teacher improvement is critically important for schools trying to improve their performance.

NBRC Equity Statement

The National Board Resource Center (NBRC) accepts the responsibility to achieve educational equity by providing an inclusive opportunity and environment for teachers to pursue National Board Certification. The NBRC ensures that all policies, programs, and practices affirm the strengths of teachers’ diverse backgrounds and life experiences in order to deliver the comprehensive supports and professional development for teachers to become National Board Certified.