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Eligible List for Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification (Renewal) Candidates

Please allow at least 14 business days for your application to be processed. Approvals will be posted from September 18, 2023 through January 19, 2024.

Final approval will be based on the candidate (you are not approved until there is a date in the DATE APPROVED column by your name):

  1. Completing the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification (Renewal) Fee Subsidy application by the January 19, 2024 deadline and being on the eligible list below.
  2. Completing the NBPTS Registration and paying the $75 non-refundable registration fee, selecting your component(s), and electing to release your information to third-party agencies, as outlined in Step 4 of the MOC (Renewal) Subsidy application process.

If you submitted an MOC Subsidy application and your name does not appear on the eligible list after 14 business days, please contact

2023-2024 Maintenance of Certification (Renewal) Eligible List:

Eligible/Approval List: last updated: January 30, 2024, at 12:25 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not approved for the subsidy until there is a date next to your name in the DATE APPROVED column. Being deemed eligible is not the same as being approved. Being on the eligible list only means that you have completed the Illinois NB Maintenance of Certification (Renewal) Fee Subsidy application, all of your information is accurate, and you are eligible for MOC this cycle. To be marked as approved you need to complete Steps A and B as outlined in STEP 4 on the NBRC MOC site.