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Recruit Candidates

Candidates will be able to apply to NBPTS and to the NBRC for the Illinois NB Candidate Fee Subsidy in the spring and begin the process the following fall. You may help to build awareness of the newly revised National Board Certification process through group recruitment sessions or by individual discussions with potential candidates:

  • Illinois NBPTS Candidate Awareness

    This presentation shares information about:

    • Newly revised National Board Certification process.
    • Why Illinois teachers should seek National Board Certification.
    • Available support for Illinois candidates.
    • Next steps to apply for National Board Certification.
  • NBPTS Candidate Recruitment Strategies

    Identify prospective candidates.

    • Use a variety of recruiting strategies.
    • Develop a recruitment message.
    • Continuously check this page at the NBRC at Illinois State University and the NBPTS websites for up-to-date information.

Informational Certificate Brochures

The National Board Resource Center provides informational brochures on certificate areas for candidates via our Candidate Resources page.