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Fall 2023 Eligible/Approved List

Please allow 14 business days for your application to be processed.

Candidates will be added to the Eligible List if there are no issues with their application. Allow 10 business days for this to happen. All lists will be posted on the NBRC website.

Final Approval will be based on the candidate 1) completing the online Illinois NB First Time Candidate Fee Subsidy application by the October 11, 2023, midnight deadline, 2) being on the Eligible List, and 3) creating an NBPTS account, completing the NBPTS registration, and paying the non-refundable $75 NBPTS registration fee by the NBRC's May deadline.

Not on the Approved List?

If you completed Steps 1-7 of the application process found on the NBRC website and your name is not on the Approved list, please contact NBPTS at 1.800.22Teach to verify that you:

  • Created your NBPTS account and have a candidate identification number.
  • Paid the $75 yearly, non-refundable NBPTS registration fee for the 2023-2024 NB cycle.
  • Released to the third party payer.

After completing the above, allow 10 business days for processing time to add your name to the 'Eligible' list.

Only contact the NBRC at after the above has been completed and the 10 business days have passed.

**NOTE: If you choose to withdraw from the National Board program at any point during the process, it will be your responsibility to contact the NBRC office and notify staff of your intentions. Please see the Must Read document for further information.**

First-Time Subsidy Applicants:

The eligibility list was updated at 9:48 a.m. on 11/16/2023.