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NBCT Online Training
Reader Coaches

These podcasts, scripts and handouts were created to support NBCT Reader Coaches to ethically respond to candidate drafts through feedback and questions in face-to-face conferences, phone calls, written responses, and/or e-mails. You may open or download the podcasts to listen to explanations of the aspects of coaching candidates. You will need to use your media player that enables you to save the podcast. Click on the title of the podcast and wait for the media player to open and begin to play. You may use the scripts to follow along by reading text. The handouts support the explanations in the podcasts. Print the four documents for your candidate certificate and entry from the NBPTS site under Candidates and Certificate Areas: Standards, Portfolio Instructions, Level 4 Rubric (Scoring), Evaluation of Evidence (Scoring).


Ethics in Reading for Candidates

Architecture of Accomplished Teaching

Using the NBPTS Documents

Coaching Candidate Adult Learners

Analyzing Knowledge of Candidates

Coaching Using the NBPTS Standards

Coaching Unsing the NBPTS Questions

Coaching Using the NBPTS Rubric (only to be used with candidates prior to the 2014-2015 cycle).

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