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NBCT Online Training for
Mentoring Candidates

Revisions are being made to the NBCT Online Training for Mentoring Candidates and will be available August 2016.

NBCTs serve as mentors, coaches, and facilitators to guide individual or groups of candidates to complete the portfolio and prepare for the Assessment Center. The NBRC offers NBCTs resources to help them learn to ethically assume these roles. It may be helpful to complete the NBCT Reader Coach series of podcasts and handouts to learn how to use the NBPTS documents to guide and question candidates. The podcasts give NBCTs a foundation for coaching using the NBPTS materials.

The following working agenda, Powerpoint presentation, and handouts share activities for NBCTs to continue to learn how to facilitate groups and individuals through the four portfolio entries and Assessment Center. The Powerpoint presentation and the working agenda include notes for all nine parts of the mentor training. These materials may be used to train groups of NBCTs or for an individual NBCT to engage independently in the activities.

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